How Do I Set The Wallpaper To My Lockscreen/Homescreen?

It's a simple process to change your wallpaper on iOS. Because Apple does not currently allow access for apps to change the wallpaper from directly within apps, you'll need to change the image in the Settings App.  Once you have saved a wallpaper from within Vellum, you'll need to manually set the background following the step below:

Open the iPhones Settings app, select "Wallpaper," and then "Choose a New Wallpaper."

You can either find the wallpaper in your "All Photos" folder, or Vellum creates a separate "Vellum" folder to help organize all the wallpapers you save to your device.  Tap on the image you'd like to make your wallpaper.

Pan/Zoom to position the wallpaper how you'd like. On the iPhone X, if you see black bars on the top or the bottom during this part, that's totally fine.  The iPhone will crop zoom the wallpaper perfectly without image quality loss.

Choose either Still/Perspective.

Select which screen you'd like the image on to be displayed on.  

And now you've set the wallpaper! Congrats!

Tip:  We suggest using blurred/less contrasted images for the home screen so the background isn't too busy.

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